We are here to help you meet this moment!

As the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold around the globe, Information Ecology has been thinking about how to show up for all of our movements, for all of you.

This moment of great disruption is full of operational friction and difficulty; how organizations adapt in response presents opportunities to change ways of working for the better. The skills we have developed and experience we have gained in our years of helping organizations adapt to remote work, improve digital security, and make values- and mission-aligned decisions about technology feels more relevant than ever.

One of the ways we are adapting is to open up to new, less formal, less planned-in-advance delivery of our services and leaning into our values of open content, solidarity, and flexibility to make our work accessible to as many people as possible.

Our new activities include:

  • An announcements email list to keep in touch with our community, share resources we have created or found as well as to invite people to our events and briefings. Sign up here!
  • A series of every-other-week community calls for technology responsible people in our space to talk together about the challenges facing, and solutions working for, their organizations today. Wanna be part of the circle? Sign up for our email list to be alerted of upcoming calls.
  • On-demand calls for advice on all matters related to technology, operations, and organizational wellness. Find a time that works for you.

And of course are always happy to engage in discussions of more in depth projects if that is what you need. If we can be of help in any way contact us!

And we have information resources for you:

We are continuing to produce as much free and Creative Commons-licensed content as possible. You can find our full set of resources here but here are some we think are particularly valuable right now:

We hope these offerings can help see your way through this tumultuous time. If we can be of further help, contact us and we’ll look forward to setting up a time to talk.

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