who we work with

Information Ecology, LLC works with progressive organizations of all types to raise their technology capacity and resolve issues in their information ecology.

To us the term “progressive” is not a political stance, but one pointing towards forward thinking & change making.

Given this focus, we frequently we find ourselves working with:

  • Movement building non-profits seeking to improve their outreach, communications, infrastructure or security.
  • Foundations large & small desiring to improve their internal systems, support the capacity of their grantees or otherwise increase their overall organizational — i.e. programmatic and operational — technology capacity.
  • Attorneys & other advocates who need to better protect or server their clients and constituencies.
  • Social enterprise actors whose lean business models and mission drive outlook often demand secure, equitable, interactive & efficient technology tools.

Don’t see yourself on that list. Don’t worry — we are here to help everyone who self defines as a progressive organization. If that’s you, contact us!