About us

We are a technology capacity-building consultancy serving progressive organizations.

Information Ecology, LLC, brings together social justice values and technical chops; our work is tempered by whole-systems sensibilities, rooted in years of alliance with grassroots and direct action organizations, forged in classrooms and datacenters, and enriched by time spent studying permaculture design.

We offer a range of services to support organizations in making sound technology choices; building the internal capacity to implement and manage their chosen systems; and using technology to better meet their missions. If your organization is looking to better build power, win campaigns, or make change using information systems—contact us now!

We are committed to helping all organizations regardless of size, budget, or technology experience to raise the overall capacity of the social justice sector. See the resources section of this site for some of the best practices, templates, and other materials we generate in our engagements available to you under a Creative Commons license for your use or to share with your movements, peers, and colleagues.